Why we share our crowdsourcing methodology

At Toloka Academy, we believe that working with the crowd is an essential skill. Our goal is to resolve the bottleneck that data constitutes today and thus spur dramatic innovation and progress both in research and in industry. We want to reach as many people as possible, which is why we are committed to empowering educators with our tools and methodology that’s based on years of research and unique industry expertise. We want teachers, tutors, professors, and lecturers to apply crowdsourcing in an academic context and teach this important skill to others.
Unique Crowd
Science expertise
Our methodology is based on 5 years of research and unique industry expertise. Our lecturers are experts in crowdsourcing, and they regularly participate in conferences around the globe sharing the knowledge that Toloka has accumulated over the years.
How we collaborate with faculty/universities
All our hands-on tutorials are based on unique industry experience. They offer an insight into crowdsourced data labeling and how it can be done efficiently. They also demonstrate how data labeling can be applied in various spheres – from ML and business to social science. Each tutorial gives you an opportunity to run a real-time project on Toloka.
Guest lecture
At Toloka, we have a bunch of crowdsourcing enthusiasts who are always happy to share some crowdsourcing tips and tricks. You can invite our speaker to give a lecture for your course, or we can organize an independent event.
Professional development
Want to make crowdsourcing part of your course, but don’t know how? We are here to help. We will not only introduce you to our materials but will help weave them into your course.
Lecture materials
We designed a basic set of learning materials you can use as part of your course. They cover various aspects of crowdsourcing and can be adjusted to your needs.
Tutorial builder
If you are only briefly familiar with crowdsourcing, you can learn the basics yourself with our helpful step-by-step tutorial builder. Try it out to get a better understanding of how you can apply crowdsourcing in your field.
Online course
This course will teach you how to carry out efficient and scalable data labeling for all kinds of projects. You’ll get acquainted with the key aspects of the crowdsourcing approach, which is based on splitting complex challenges into small tasks and distributing them among a vast crowd of performers.
Project sponsorship
for courses
We believe that practice is an essential part of education. That’s why we are willing to sponsor your students' projects as part of your course. Contact us to discuss this opportunity in more detail.
Research grants program
We designed this program to support the academic community and encourage the use of crowdsourcing in research. Get a chance to obtain high-quality data and enhance your research by applying for the grant.
Education pricing plan
This is a special offer for students, faculty members, and researchers. Collect and label data with zero commission. Apply now – and tell your colleagues and students about it.
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