Individual Terms and Conditions for the “Toloka Research Grants Program”

(hereinafter referred to as the "Contest")

  1. The Contest is organized by Yandex Services AG (the “Organizer”), a company registered under the jurisdiction of Switzerland having its registered address at Werftestrasse 4, 6005 Luzern, registration number CHE-229.170.782, represented by Dr. Herbert Trachsler, Authorized representative.

    Participants in the Contest (the “Participant”) must be a capable individual acting on their own behalf who has reached the age of eighteen and has completed the participation form as described in clause 6 of these conditions. The name, e-mail address and other required data must be entered accurately. If a participant no longer wishes to take part in the Contest, he or she can inform the Organizer by e-mail to the following address:

    Participant represents and warrants that neither it, nor any of their respective Affiliates, directors, employees, or other related parties is not listed on any sanctions list by the United States, European Union (“EU”), Switzerland, the United Nations Security Council, or any other relevant government bodies which prohibit or may prohibit Participant’s participation in the Contest (“Sanctions”). The Organizer reserves the right to disqualify without any justification and to exclude from the Contest with immediate effect, or to forfeit the Prizes of any participant, should there be any Sanctions or update of the Sanctions against Participant, or should Yandex reasonably determine that it cannot perform its obligations under this Contest due to Sanctions-related prohibitions. Participant shall hold Yandex harmless against all liabilities.

    Employees of the Organizer and / or affiliated companies, other persons involved in organizing the Contest, as well as their family members cannot participate in the Contest.

  2. The goal of the Contest is to support the research on crowdsourcing and related areas.
  3. The Contest is hosted on
  4. Key dates of the Contest (GMT+3):

    The contest proceeds in Stages, separated by cutoffs. Each Stage has its own winners, selected from participants who submitted the application in that Stage.

    4.1. Beginning of the Contest: 12:00 on April 1, 2021 (beginning of Stage 1).

    4.2. Cutoffs for application submissions: (each cutoff determines the end of the Stage).

    • 15:00 on April 16, 2021
    • 15:00 on May 1, 2021
    • 15:00 on May 16, 2021
    • 15:00 on June 1, 2021
    • 15:00 on June 16, 2021
    • 15:00 on July 1, 2021 (end of the last Stage)

    4.3. For each Stage, the application form opens at the time the previous Stage ends.

    4.4. For each Stage, winning applications are announced within 10 days of the end of the Stage.

    4.5. End of the Contest: 12:00 on July 11, 2021.

  5. By participating in the Contest, the Participant confirms that they have read and understood the terms of the Contest (the “Terms and Conditions”) available at:

    Participation in this Contest implies the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. The Organizer reserves the right to modify these without giving reasons. Changes will be communicated on the website and will not be sent to participants by e-mail.

    The Contest is governed by Swiss law. For any dispute that may arise, the place of jurisdiction is Lucerne.

    By taking part in the Contest, the Participant grants the Organizer and its affiliates the non-exclusive and unrestricted right to use, reproduce, publish and make available the ideas entered on the website without remuneration, even after the Contest has ended.

    The Organizer and its affiliates undertake to handle the personal data collected within the framework of the Contest with due care. The data collected in connection with participation in the Contest (e.g. title, first name, surname, address, e-mail address) will be collected, processed and used exclusively by the Organizer for the purposes of organizing the Contest, including the awarding of Prizes, as well as in the manner specified in point 9.1. below.

    The Organizer reserves the right to disqualify without any justification and to exclude from the Contest with immediate effect, or to forfeit the Prizes of any participant who manipulates or attempts to manipulate the Contest and/or violates the conditions of participation and/or unfairly attempts to influence the Contest.

    The Organizer reserves the right to interrupt or terminate the Contest early without prior notice and without stating reasons, in particular if the normal course of the Contest cannot be guaranteed for technical or legal reasons. In such cases, participants may not assert any claims against the Organizer.

    The Organizer shall not be liable to the Participant for any loss or damage in any form whatsoever arising from or in connection with the Contest, the processing of data and the Prize.

    Participation in the contest is free of charge and does not give rise to any obligation to purchase.

  6. The nature of the Contest and selection of Winners.

    6.1. Participants need to propose an idea of research study that requires data collection on the Toloka crowdsourcing platform. To participate in the Contest, a Participant needs to submit a form available at: In this form, the Participant needs to:

    • Briefly describe (3-7 sentences) their idea for a research study
    • Describe the preliminary results of the research study if any (optional)

    Ideas that do not comply with Toloka’s guidelines or Swiss law will be deleted without notice as soon as they become known.

    6.2. Winners of the Contest are the Participants who win in the Stage in which they submitted their application. Below we describe how the Winners of each Stage are selected.

    The panel of judges, consisting of representatives of the Organizer, determines the Winners of each Stage of the Contest based on their evaluation of the information provided by the Participant in the aforementioned form. Specifically, the idea for a research study proposed in the form is evaluated on two criteria (the “Criteria”):

    • Originality (from 1 to 5 points)
    • Significance (from 1 to 5 points)


    When evaluating the originality of the proposed idea, the panel determines whether the research problem and approach are new or constitute a combination of existing problems/approaches. Specifically, a score from 1 (research idea and approach are not original) to 5 (research problem and approach are significantly novel) is assigned to the submission.


    When evaluating the significance of the proposed idea, the panel determines whether the expected result is important for academic/industry communities and whether is it likely that researchers or practitioners will use the result of the study. Specifically, a score from 1 (the expected result is unlikely to have much impact) to 5 (the expected result will significantly impact the academic/industry communities) is assigned to the submission.

    To become a Winner of the Stage of the Contest (and consequently the Winner of the Contest), the Participant’s submission must:

    • get a score of 3 or higher on both Criteria
    • be in the top 15 submissions (out of those submitted in the corresponding Stage) according to the sum of Criteria scores

    In case of a tie between several submissions, preference is given to submissions of Participants who have not submitted their applications in previous Stages of the Contest. If that is not sufficient to break the tie, the preference is given to applications that propose ideas on the following research areas:

    • Theory of Crowdsourcing
    • Human-Centered Crowdsourcing
    • Human-AI Collaboration
    • Artificial Intelligence

    Each winner of the competition receives a certain degree which is determined according to the sum of criteria scores as follows:

    • 1st degree. The proposal received 10 points
    • 2nd degree. The proposal received 8 or 9 points
    • 3rd degree. The proposal received 6 or 7 points
  7. Prizes.

    7.1. Each Winner gets the following Prize: one promocode (the “Prize”) of a value which is determined as follows:

    • 1st degree. $500
    • 2nd degree. $250
    • 3rd degree. $100

    The Winner can use the promo code to collect data on the Toloka crowdsourcing platform.

    7.2. There are a total of 15 Prizes to be won in the Contest.

    7.3. The Prizes are distributed by the Organizer.

  8. Requirements to the Winners.

    8.1. Data collected on the Toloka crowdsourcing platform using the promocode must be open sourced on the website within 6 months of the data collection process.

    8.2. If the data collected on the Toloka crowdsourcing platform using the promocode is used in any publication, the publication must acknowledge that the data was collected on the Toloka crowdsourcing platform.

    8.3. The promocode must be applied within 6 months of reception. If the promocode is not used within this timeframe, the winner loses claim to the Prize without compensation.

  9. Announcement of the Winners and distribution of the Prize.

    9.1. The Organizer announces the Winners by emailing them using the address provided in the submission form. The list of Winners is also disclosed on the Contest website at the following link:

    9.2. The Prizes are distributed via email using the address provided in the submission form. Any legal recourse is excluded. The Prize is not paid-out in cash. The Prize may not be transferred to third parties.