What will I learn?
This series of tutorials is a must-see if you aren't very familiar with crowdsourcing. You can choose one of the three available tracks – ML, business and marketing, or social sciences and the humanities. Master crowdsourcing, find out what its main components are, and get acquainted with real cases that made efficient data collection and labeling possible!

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This track is perfect for you if you work in AI/ML. Most ML projects require training data, and quite often this data can be obtained only through human labeling. With new AI applications emerging all the time, there’s an ever-growing demand for human-labeled data, and a great deal of it requires solving nontrivial tasks. Watch the tutorial to learn about real-life cases in the field.
Choose the business track if you’re interested in using crowdsourcing for business solutions, as well as marketing and market research. Crowdsourcing platforms can help you reach your target audiences and find out what they think about different products and services. Test your theories and assumptions about your brand and users.
The social sciences and the humanities track will be especially useful for researchers who work in and study these areas. Using crowdsourcing, you can reach your respondents in a faster and cheaper way, and you can perform other routine tasks like audio transcription, text recognition, and more.
Toloka 101
Join one of our regular webinars to learn more about Toloka, watch a live demo based on a real use case, and ask questions.
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