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Use our content moderation solution for effective social media monitoring.

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  • A variety of online industries rely on fast content moderation to protect users and their brand image from inappropriate content
  • Moderation should be customized to your business values and content policies
  • Accuracy and scalability are esssential for effective moderation workflows


  • Real-time moderation in 200 ms with brand-appropriate responses for text, images, audio, and video
  • 30 ML models with human-in-the-loop for continual fine-tuning to adapt to new user content
  • High accuracy (often over 95%) even for uncommon violations, with robust quality control of ML models and human moderators
  • Detects 35 classes of sensitive content
  • Instantly scales to handle any spikes in data volume

Why Toloka’s adaptive ML models

  • Unbeatable accuracy: our models are pretrained on huge datasets
  • No infrastructure needed
  • Easy deployment
  • Dynamically reoptimized models which adapt to your data
  • Extreme scaling with automated decisions
  • Minimal effort for human-in-the-loop
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Supported solutions

Use one of our models out of the box, or fine-tune a model to fit your use case and your labeled data.

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