Build a SQuAD Labeling Project with Toloka Kit

In this article, we're going to talk about how Toloka Kit can help tackle one of the most popular problems in NLP – question answering – by labeling the SQuAD2.0 dataset.

Apr 28th 2021
Reviewing Performers' Responses: Manual and Automatic Methods

There are two ways to accept tasks completed by performers in Toloka: automatic acceptance and non-automatic acceptance. Let's look at how these methods differ, which types of tasks they work best on, and how to review tasks with non-automatic acceptance quickly and efficiently.

Apr 15th 2021
Toloka Gets a New Look: The Story Behind Our Rebranding

Toloka went through some massive changes this week. We launched a full-scale rebrand and revealed a new logo and brand identity. Our sites and products now have a more refined, crisp look that we hope you’re enjoying as much as we are. Keep reading to find out how we went from our old daisy logo to a dandelion that’s also a bouquet of popsicles.

Apr 8th 2021
6 Papers Not To Miss from NeurIPS

Neural Information Processing Systems is an annual conference that featured more than 2,000 papers when it was last held in December 2020. We have chosen six papers from the conference as essential reading in crowd science and shared our perspective on trends in crowdsourcing research.

Mar 31st 2021
Searching for Missing People with Toloka

Toloka has teamed up with Liza Alert, a volunteer search-and-rescue organization, to look for missing people in drone images. As part of the process, Tolokers can check aerial images for signs of people to boost searches in progress.

Mar 25th 2021
Toloka Kit: a Python Library for Your Labeling Projects

Scale your data labeling projects with Toloka Kit – an open-source Python library from Toloka! A great tool for ML engineers and data scientists who want to have more flexibility when building labeling pipelines.

Mar 18th 2021
Practical Crowdsourcing: New Online Course on Coursera

The first online course on practical crowdsourcing for data labeling is now available on Coursera!

Mar 16th 2021
Introducing: Toloker Stories

Our users have a fascinating mix of backgrounds, languages, occupations, hobbies and interests, but there is one thing they all share: Toloka fits into their lifestyle. In this post we’ll introduce you to three Tolokers from India, Brazil, and Russia.

Mar 15th 2021
Toloka Digest: New Templates, Python Library and Crowd Science Events

Here at Toloka, 2021 is off to a roaring start! In this post we’ll get you up to speed on everything that’s been going on: updates we’ve made in Toloka, events we’ve participated in, and more.

Mar 11th 2021
Template Builder in Toloka: Accelerate Projects from All Angles

To make it easier and faster to launch projects in Toloka, we developed a new tool called Template Builder. You don't need any programming skills to design projects here. Template Builder is a convenient interface editor in JSON format with everything you need.

Mar 5th 2021
Principled Design for Crowdsourcing

In this post, we cover a recent talk by Ivan Stelmakh, who presented his research with Nihar Shah and Aarti Singh on the importance of principled design of human decision-making systems.

Mar 3rd 2021
Tolokers: Portrait of a Crowd

We ran a survey to learn more about the Toloka community and gathered responses from over 500,000 Tolokers. Here's what we discovered.

Feb 25th 2021

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