The Technology Behind Self-driving Cars

In this post we'll talk about how the self-driving cars learn to see the world around them — what kind of data is collected, how it is processed, what algorithms are used, and the role Toloka plays.

Jan 26th 2021
Training Persona-driven Chatbots with Toloka

Most chatbots aren’t that good at actually chatting and making small talk, but Toloka can help fix that. In this post, we'll tell you how.

Jan 24th 2021
DeepHD Technology: Improving Video Quality with Computer Vision

In this post we’ll share how the DeepHD technology was developed, and how Toloka users helped with the process along the way.

Jan 20th 2021
Toloka Field Surveys Help Yandex.Fuel

Yandex.Fuel is growing fast, even more in outlying areas than in major cities. To find out how effective their gas station branding campaign is, Yandex.Fuel turned to Toloka.

Jan 18th 2021
Social Media Monitoring with Toloka

Large companies are mentioned in social media thousands times a day. They need a tool to automate mention filtering. In this article we'll share how Toloka helps Yandex to analyze mentions and find only ones that need a quick response.

Jan 16th 2021
Using the Crowd to Optimize Yandex.Taxi Quality Control

Toloka helps Yandex.Taxi to provide vehicle photo check to assess its external and internal condition. The purpose of this check is to decide whether the driver should be allowed to take orders

Dec 21st 2020
Toloka Helps Train a Self-driving Car to Detect Surrounding Objects

Yandex uses Toloka to label tens of thousands images needed to train neural network to distinguish surrounding objects in the cities of Russia.

Dec 10th 2020
Rating the Quality of Search Results with Toloka

Ozon uses Toloka to evaluate the quality of the new search engine, to determine the most effective ranking model and to improve the quality of the search algorithm using machine learning.

Dec 3rd 2020
New Metric: Markup Consistency in a Dataset

In this post, we'll share our insights on quality control in Toloka. To gauge the overall quality of the markup, we propose using post-hoc rating probability. We'll be calling this metric consistency.

Nov 23rd 2020
What Is a Crowd Manager and Why Do They Have the Potential to Become Essential Employees?

What is a crowd manager? The direct meaning «someone managing the crowd» accurately reflects the essence. This is an individual who meets business needs by assigning tasks to a large number of performers in a crowdsourcing system.

Nov 16th 2020

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