Practical Crowdsourcing: New Online Course on Coursera

by Toloka Team on Mar 16th, 2021
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The first online course on practical crowdsourcing for data labeling is now available on Coursera! Yandex created this free, hands-on program for anyone who wants to master crowdsourcing technologies. Not to brag, but the Toloka team took part in designing the course, which we think is absolutely amazing!

About the course

"Practical Crowdsourcing for Efficient ML" is an introduction to the practical aspects of running a crowdsourcing project. Students will design and run a full-cycle crowdsourcing project, from planning to getting results. We will look at how crowdsourcing can be used for complex business tasks that have repeated actions, such as moderating content or testing web services, in addition to data labeling for machine learning applications, such as:

  • Computer vision
  • Search relevance
  • Speech recognition
  • And much more 😊

The five-week "Practical Crowdsourcing for Efficient ML" course is useful for current and aspiring ML developers, data analysts, and researchers. The course is in English, does not require any special background, and is open to students anywhere in the world free of charge.

Why you should apply

Mastering crowdsourcing technologies is a great way to gain a competitive edge: specialists in this field can increase their value on the job market, while businesses get the opportunity to gain in-house experts who can speed up formalized tasks. Crowdsourcing is used by companies like Facebook, NASA, and Netflix, and a class on crowdsourcing is included in the Social Computing course at Stanford.

Yandex has been using crowdsourcing for more than 10 years and has gained a ton of experience in data collection, labeling and processing. This is your chance to benefit from the knowledge of a whole range of Yandex teams and acquire a set of in-demand skills. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from the best and register now.

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