Toloka's "Review Budget" feature calculates total cost before launch

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Jun 8th 2022
Toloka Team

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With Toloka's newest feature, you can estimate how much you'll be paying for the entire pool before you launch. This way, you always know what to expect and will never run out of funds before your pool is completed.

Review budget and launch

Until recently, we would suggest the price for your labeling assignment, a per-label price estimate, and give you a detailed breakdown of the final price. Now, you can also see the cost of your entire pool before launch, as you're creating it. We believe this will enhance cost transparency and help you manage your budget.

The pricing section on the "New pool" configuration page now has a special "Review budget and launch" checkout feature. This feature displays the overall cost of your pool along with a detailed breakdown that includes your price per task page, price per task, number of tasks, number of task pages, and Toloker overlap.

As a requester, you now know for a fact whether you have enough funds in your account to run your whole pool - no surprises or last-minute issues. We recommend that you top up your account to cover the total cost and leave a little bit extra just to make sure you won't run out of funds.


Cost calculator

We'd also like to remind you about our cost calculator, which can help you discover the best price for every type of labeling task. The suggested amount reflects the price that will motivate most crowd contributors to join your task and do a good job on it. In addition, this feature breaks down the final price for each assignment. When paired with the review budget feature, this can be a great budget management tool.

Launch project

Give it a spin

Review the budget for your next pool to allocate funds for your labeling projects. From now on, you know exactly what to expect! The only thing left to do is take this function out for a test drive and let us know what you think.

Please get in touch with us on Slack if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Alternatively, you can always email Support or reach out to the Toloka Global Community.

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