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Quick start
# Install the packages
pip install -U toloka-kit crowd-kit
Rich API for true scalability

Toloka has a powerful API that allows ML teams to integrate an on-demand workforce directly into their processes, and to build scalable and fully automated data pipelines. Whether you are using Toloka's preset solutions or customized projects, explore integration with our API and unlock scalability.  

Our Python toolkit covers all API functionality to give you the full power of Toloka.
Our open API gives you the freedom to integrate directly into any pipelines.
Java-Client (alpha)
Our Java client library provides a lightweight interface to the Toloka API that works in any Java environment.

Toloka-Kit sample projects 

Check out our samples for detailed instructions on how to create and run each project using our Python library and retrieve the resulting dataset. Sample code is written in Jupyter Notebook, and we use Crowd-Kit for data aggregation.

Image classification   
Image collection   
Object detection   
Video collection   
Text classification   
Sentiment analysis   
Intent classification   
Text recognition   
Search relevance   
Audio classification   
Audio collection   
Audio transcription   
Field task   
To experiment more with Toloka-Kit, see the documentation.
 Check out our paper with Toloka-Kit and Crowd-Kit.

Aggregation methods in Crowd-Kit 

Crowd-Kit is a powerful Python library that includes aggregation methods for crowdsourced annotation, relevant metrics, and datasets. You can use Crowd-Kit independently with any labeled data to achieve optimum quality. 
To experiment more with Crowd-Kit, see the documentation.
Go to GitHub.
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