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We are an American startup engaged in content management and brand protection for the world's largest marketplaces. We collect data from the 8 largest marketplaces around the world (a stream of tens of millions of objects every day).

You will:

  • Create and maintain crowdsourcing projects.
  • Explore new subject areas, generate ideas, find non-obvious solutions.
  • Set and test hypotheses based on customer data and open source data.
  • Help with decision making and labelling until we achieve full automation.
  • Help maintain internal knowledge base.

Individual development plan:

We have a lot of expertise in development, infrastructure building and machine learning. We are happy to teach and help develop in areas of interest. Therefore, we will draw up an individual development plan and will be able to allocate 10-20% of your work time to its implementation.

What we can optionally help you learn:

  • Crowd project automation (using Python, Airflow).
  • Analytics (Postgres, SQL, BI tool).
  • Basic principles of machine learning.

What we expect:

  • Experience in creating projects from scratch in Toloka.
  • Knowledge of English at a good level (conditionally B2 and above, written).
  • Ability to put and test hypotheses in conditions of scarce information.
  • Ability to find and structure information from open sources.
  • Basic knowledge of Python or other scripting language.

Will be a plus:

  • Experience with SQL.
  • Strong knowledge of Python.
  • Understanding the principles of Machine Learning.
  • Fluent English (spoken and written).

Technology stack:

Toloka, Python, Airflow, Superset, Notion, Postgres.

How we work:

Remote work (distributed team from the USA to various CIS countries). We use Slack and Zoom to communicate. Manage projects and tasks in Gitlab.


  • Flexible full-time without a fixed time, paid sick days, holidays according to the American schedule (with modifications for some holidays in the CIS).
  • We allocate time for training and draw up an individual development plan for each employee.
  • Each team member has a voice (solution architecture, backlog and priorities are always agreed within the team).
  • We do not have a narrow specialization (Everyone can try something new + the willingness to be multifunctional is appreciated).
  • We like to do everything quickly, because we are not limited by heavy bureaucratic processes.
  • Appreciated openness and respect for the opinions of other colleagues.
  • Several times a month we arrange general meetups with reports on various topics (business and technical).
  • The team expands approximately every six months - there is room for rapid growth.
  • Average time of work with us is more than 2 years.

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