Design the interface
Design your project to make it easy to perform the same repeated actions quickly, while reducing mistakes.
Benefits of a well-designed task interface
  • Save your budget
  • Improve the quality of results
  • Increase the speed and volume of labeling with faster task completion and better task ratings
  • Reduce your own time spent on analyzing performer errors and other problems

    In Toloka, there are hundreds of projects that solve a range of tasks. From the interface point of view, any task for a performer is a web page with some specific features. Many of the requirements that apply to building website interfaces also apply to task interfaces.
  • Usability factors to focus on

    There are a few things that you should always keep in mind when designing your task interface:

  • Long run time

    Performers usually spend a lot of time completing tasks because they are motivated to earn as much as possible. At the same time, most of them focus on one or two specific projects. Performers who only spend a couple of minutes a day in Toloka are more likely the exception.

  • Repeatable actions

    The vast majority of tasks are associated with completing more or less the same actions, which is why it is critical to create a convenient interface. Naturally, there may be different situations even within the framework of a single project, but they should all be described in the instructions.

  • Concentration

    If we consider only the duration and repeatability of what performers do in a task, the process looks similar to viewing a news feed on social networks. But completing tasks still requires more concentration than viewing a newsfeed. Performers who can’t focus will most likely have poor results and your quality control rules will suspend them from the project.

  • Speed

    Performers are highly motivated to earn money, and the faster they finish tasks, they more they can earn. This means that they are tempted to rush through tasks, and it is important to control their speed in order to get good results.

  • Tips for interface design

    For faster performance

    1. Provide hot keys for checkboxes, options, and buttons
    2. Reduce navigation to third-party sites
    3. Focus on usability in the task template
    4. Position tasks optimally on a page

    For better quality and fewer errors

    1. Use a dynamic interface (show/hide input controls depending on user actions)
    2. Make your interface adaptive (it should work on any device and screen resolution)
    3. Always test your interface (test in production or in the sandbox)
    4. Add dynamic validation of input data (like minimum number of characters)

    To learn more about creating task interfaces in Toloka, see our Requester's Guide.

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