Set the price
Performers want to earn as much as they can for their time.
The challenge is to discover the optimal task price for each project.
Get the performer's perspective on pricing

Before publishing a task, we advise all requesters to look at the task from the performer's point of view.

  • Think about how long it will take someone to read the instructions, figure out what to do, and complete it.

  • Consider what your task looks like compared to other requesters’ tasks on the platform.

  • Register as a performer and check the prices for similar projects. Various types of projects are usually compensated differently, according to the expected time and effort involved. For example, classifying basic images is much faster and easier than creating content, and this difference is reflected in the task prices.

  • Don’t forget about the law of supply and demand: the fewer performers available for your task (perhaps because it requires specific skills), the higher the price needs to be.

  • But even careful analysis doesn’t always help predict demand — the optimal price may depend on individual factors in the project. The easiest option is to make a test run with a small amount of data and see how performers behave on your task.

    In our practice, we have observed that pricing impacts how fast a task is taken up, but it does not influence the quality of results. Toloka also has a dynamic pricing system where you can set up payment so that the task price depends on the quality. We recommend using this feature.

    To learn more about how to motivate performers to make a good effort, read Useful tools.
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