Optimize your budget
The task pool has additional settings like dynamic overlap and dynamic pricing, which you can use to obtain better quality without overspending your budget.
Dynamic overlap
This setting lets you obtain aggregated labels of a desired quality level and reduce noise in results. The overlap is calculated for each task based on three settings:

  • Minimum and maximum number of performers
  • Percentage of confidence in the response
  • Skill of performers

    First, the task will be issued with minimal overlap. Toloka will consider the confidence in the response. If the percentage is lower than the threshold, the overlap will be increased incrementally until either the percentage is higher than the threshold, or the task is completed by the maximum number of performers.
  • Dynamic pricing

    This option gives you an opportunity to incentivize better performance with a quality-dependent price. This way you can pay more to performers who put in more effort: the price for the pool changes dynamically depending on the skill of the performer.

  • Keep high skill performers on your task longer compared to tasks without progressive pricing
  • Improve accuracy of labels
  • Increase performer satisfaction
  • To learn more, take a look at our presentation on dynamic overlap and pricing.
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