Design your own data labeling process
A powerful and flexible solution engineered for the most challenging data demands.
You control and fine-tune the entire process, from task decomposition to aggregation of results.
Find endless opportunities for customization to adapt to any type of data and any scenario.
Take full control of every stage of the data labeling process to build efficient ML pipelines.
Unlock true scalability with infinite crowd power, a highload system, and easy integration.
Set your own price and timeframe on tasks and stay under budget with significant cost savings at scale.

How it works

Design a unique task interface, select a crowd of annotators, configure quality control, and even set your own price and timeframe.
Cutting-edge technologies

Our solutions incorporate advanced adaptive tools, autolabeling and verification, all supported by our high-performing infrastructure for reliable fault tolerance and security.

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Infinite crowd
Fast scaling and support for multilingual projects with on-demand access to the largest global crowd coverage in 40+ languages and 100 countries.
Multifaceted quality control

Achieve optimal data quality for every project with our set of customizable quality control tools:

  • Intelligent crowd selection
  • Crowd training and testing
  • Benchmark tasks to monitor quality
  • Post-verification and spot checks
  • State-of-the-art aggregation tools
  • Platform-wide anti-fraud system
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Superb scalability
Our versatile labeling platform, high-load system, on-demand global crowd, and easy integrations with a rich API give you the foundation for building scalable ML pipelines that evolve with you.

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Quick start
# Install the packages
pip install -U toloka-kit crowd-kit
Efficient labeling tools
Our interface templates cover a wide range of data labeling scenarios that are easy to tweak for your project’s needs.
Template Builder
for quick adjustments
Handy JSON-like interface editor with code snippets
and real-time preview.
Workspace SDK for JavaScript
interfaces from scratch
Full flexibility to support everything from basic forms to advanced 3D labeling tools for computer vision.
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