Recompletion of assignments

Toloka can resend tasks for completion if:

  • The Toloker lost access to the pool because of the skill filter.
  • The requester banned the Toloker from tasks.
  • The tasks didn't pass review during post-acceptance.

Request body

Re-assign task suites if a quality control rule or skill filter was triggered.

"configs": [
"collector_config": {
"rules": [
"conditions": [
"key": "pool_access_revoked_reason",
"operator": "EQ",
"value": "SKILL_CHANGE"
"key": "skill_id",
"operator": "EQ",
"value": "2626"
"action": {
"parameters": {
"delta": 1,
"open_pool": true
configs[]array of objects | required

Array of quality control settings.
configs[].collector_configobject | required

Parameters for collecting statistics (for example, the number of tasks skipped in the pool).

A condition for performing the action in the then field:

configs[].collector_config. parameters

Action performed under the If condition:

  • extend overlap by — Resend the task suite for completion to other Tolokers.

    If you want an assignment to be automatically reassigned even if your pool is already completed and closed, turn on the option Open pool if closed.

  • reduce overlap by — Decrease the number of times a task suite can be completed by Tolokers. For example, use this action to cancel the recompletion of accepted assignments.

configs[].collector_config. parameters.history_sizeinteger | required

The maximum number of the Toloker's recent responses in the project to use for calculating the percentage of correct responses.

If this field is omitted, the calculation is based on all the Toloker's responses in the pool.
configs[].rulesobject | required

Parameters for the control rule conditions and actions.

configs[].rules.conditionsobject | required

Conditions (for example, 10 task suites skipped in a row). Multiple conditions are combined with the "OR" operator.

string | required

The value that is checked in the rule:

  • pool_access_revoked_reason — The reason the Toloker lost access to the pool.
configs[].rules.conditions. operator

string | required

Comparison operator (the key data is compared with the threshold value from value):

  • EQ ("Equal") — Equal to.
  • NE ("Not equal to") — Not equal to.
  • GT ("Greater than") — Greater than.
  • LT ("Less than") — Less than.
  • GTE ("Greater than equal to") — Greater than or equal to.
  • LTE ("Less than equal to") — Less than or equal to.
configs[].rules.conditions. value

string | required

The reason the Toloker lost access to the pool:

  • SKILL_CHANGE — The skill level changed.
  • RESTRICTION — The Toloker was blocked by a quality control rule (for example, for fast responses).
configs[].rules.actionobject | required

The action to perform if conditions are met (for example, block access to the project).
configs[].rules.action.typestring | required

CHANGE_OVERLAP — Change the overlap. For example, to re-assign a task suite to other Tolokers or cancel the recompletion of accepted task suites.
configs[].rules.action. parametersobject | required

Action parameters.
configs[].rules.action. parameters.scope

string | required


  • POOL — pool. Affects the Toloker's rating.
  • PROJECT — The project. Affects the Toloker's rating.
  • ALL_PROJECTS — All the requester's projects.
configs[].rules.action. parameters.skill_idstring | required if


ID of the skill to update as tasks are completed.
configs[].rules.action. parameters.from_field

string | required if


The value to assign to the skill:

  • correct_answers_rate — The percentage of correct responses.
  • wrong_answers_rate — The percentage of incorrect responses.
configs[].rules.action. parameters.skill_valueinteger | required if


A fixed value to assign to the skill (a number from 0 to 100).
configs[].rules.action. parameters.deltainteger | required if

Required if type=CHANGE_OVERLAP.

The value determines the amount to change the overlap by.
configs[].rules.action. parameters.public_commentstring | required if


Comments (the reason for rejecting responses). Available to the requester and the Toloker.
configs[].rules.action. parameters.duration_unitstring

Ban duration unit:

  • MINUTES — Minutes.
  • HOURS — Hours.
  • DAYS — Days.
  • PERMANENT — Permanent ban.
configs[].rules.action. parameters.durationinteger

Ban duration.

configs[].rules.action. parameters.private_commentstring

Comments (the reason for blocking access). Visible only to the requester.
configs[].rules.action. parameters.open_pool


Determines whether to re-open a closed pool:

  • true — Open the pool after making changes if it is closed.
  • false — Don't open the pool after making changes, if it is closed.

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