Ways to upload tasks


The toloka.yandex.com domain will be disabled starting July 1, 2023. Please use the toloka.dev domain for API requests.

Uploading tasks using the API

Toloka provides two ways of uploading tasks using the API:

Uploading each task individually

Choose this method if:

  • You created a pool using "smart mixing" (the mixer_config parameter).

  • Apart from the general tasks, the pool will contain control or training tasks.

With this method, Toloka will split tasks into suites according to the "smart mixing" settings. When uploading tasks this way, use the POST /tasks request.

Sample request

Uploading tasks grouped by suite

Choose this method if you:

  • Create task suites yourself.
  • Determine yourself which tasks to include in each suite.

This method won't work if you created a pool using smart mixing. When uploading tasks this way, use the POST /task-suites request.

Sample request

Uploading tasks using the Python SDK

If you're developing Python apps, you can create API requests using Toloka-Kit methods to achieve a result with less effort and avoid possible errors.

Ways to upload tasks using Toloka-Kit:

Creates a new task.create_task
Creates multiple tasks within a single request.create_tasks
Creates multiple tasks asynchronously.create_tasks_async
Creates a task suite.create_tasks_suite
Creates multiple task suites within a single request.create_tasks_suites
Creates multiple task suites asynchronously.create_tasks_suites_async
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