1. For a task
  2. Selected performers

To motivate performers to complete your customizable project tasks quickly and provide high-quality responses, you can give extra rewards for individual tasks, or reward one or more trusted users (in addition to paying them for task completion).

The reward amount can be from 0.01 to 100 dollars per performer per time.

A fee also applies to rewards.

For a task

This is the recommended method, since it is the most economical and targeted for motivating performers.

To issue a reward for a specific pool task, use online task review:

  1. Click the Review assignments button on the pool page.

  2. Choose a task and open it. Please note that a reward can only be issued for an accepted task.

  3. Click Actions → Issue bonus.

  4. Fill in the fields in the Issue bonus window that appears:

    • Bonus per user in dollars.

    • Topic and Message for performers. Specify what exactly the reward is credited for. To send messages in different languages, use the button for switching languages.


  5. Click Grant.

Selected performers

To issue rewards to performers:

  1. Go to the Users page.

  2. Choose the performers who will receive the reward.

    How to select performers
    Note. The list may take several minutes to load. If you see Users not found, try to wait a bit or use filters.
    If you know the performer IDs

    To select one performer, enter their ID in the search field and click Search.

    To select multiple performers:
    1. Create a text file and add the performer IDs in it, for example:
      Copied to clipboard
    2. Click the Upload file button at the bottom left and choose the file.
    3. When the file is uploaded, click Add.

    Tip. To view detailed information about a performer, click on their ID.
    Show blocked users
    By default, blocked users aren't displayed. Click the drop-down list for other options:
    • Project ban — Users you blocked in one of the project pools, for example based on a quality control rule.
    • Requester ban — Users you blocked in all your projects.
    • Blocked in the system — Users blocked in the platform for violating the rules, poor response quality, or frequent errors when entering captcha.
    • All — Show both blocked and not blocked users.
    Exclude those who haven't used Toloka for a long time.
    Choose Show active users and specify the number of days when the user completed at least one task.
    Find those who opened or completed my tasks

    In the left part of the window use the Project and Pool fields to select performers who opened tasks in one of your projects or pools.

    On the pool statistics page, these performers are listed in the Interested in pool field.

    The Completed field shows the number of completed tasks. If the number is 0, it means the user only opened a task but didn't complete it.

    Find performers with a skill

    To find performers by skill, use filters:

    1. Click Add filter.
    2. Scroll down and choose Choose skill.
    3. Specify the skill and the required skill value.

    Filters for selecting performers work the same way as in the pool. Learn more in the Filters section.

  3. Specify the customizable project or pool in the corresponding fields in the left part of the page.


  4. To credit rewards to one performer, click the link to their ID in the User ID field.

    On the page that opens, click Actions → Issue bonus.

    To credit rewards to a group of performers click Issue bonus.

  5. Fill in the fields in the Issue bonus window that appears:

    • Bonus per user in dollars.

    • Topic and Message for performers. Specify the projects and accomplishments the reward was granted for. To send messages in different languages, use the button for switching languages.

  6. Click Grant.

    Before doing this, check the number of people who will receive the reward, and the total amount.


The performer will see rewards for completed tasks, activity and quality of work in projects in their profile (the History tab). The transferred amounts are added to the list of payments.


You can track money deducted for extra rewards in your profile on the Expenses tab.


How do I reward performers in addition to the basic task price?

You can increase the basic task price for performers that have a higher skill. To do this, set up Dynamic pricing. If you want to motivate high-quality performers regardless of their skill, use rewards. In your task instructions, specify the amount and conditions for the performer rewards.

How can I view statistics on paid rewards?

To view your expenses that involve rewards, go to your profile and open the Expenses tab.