Editing a customizable project

You can view the list of created projects on the Projects page. Open the project page to view the list of pools, the project rating and the project statistics.

To edit project parameters, click the button in the list of projects or Project actions → Edit on the project page.
Attention. If you edit a required field, the changes apply only to new pools. Existing pools will continue using the previous version of the project.

General information

Name to show performers

Customizable project name. You will see it on your Projects page.

Description for performers

A brief explanation of what will happen in the project.

Private comment

A comment that you write for yourself. Performers won't see it.

You can make notes here that only you as a requester need to know about.

Task interface


In this block, you need to create the task interface for users. You can do it manually (using HTML/CSS/JS) or using Template Builder.

To see how the task is displayed, click Task preview.

Data specification

A block for input data (to be uploaded as tasks), and output data (user responses) in the task interface.

Common interface elements

You can specify which interface elements the performer will see when working on a task. To do this, click Show common interface elements and select the elements you need.

Instructions for performers


Instructions are the basic rules that you need to tell performers about before they start completing your tasks.

This field should contain formatted text with images, links, and tables if they're needed to make the task conditions clear.

Learn more about how to write good instructions.


If you want labeling to be done by performers from different countries, you can translate your Customizable project into their native languages.

What's next