Your first project

Before you start

Make sure you're registered as a requester.

Log in to the Sandbox to create and test your project for free. This helps you avoid making mistakes and spending unnecessary money on a task that doesn't work.

Step 1. Create a project

In the project, you'll customize an appearance of the tasks.

  1. On the Projects tab, choose a project preset that matches your task. The preset has preconfigured settings, a template for the task interface, and sample instructions for Tolokers. You will need to make a few changes in the interface and instructions to fit your data.

    Presets for popular tasks
    • Image classification

      Designed to determine which category an image belongs to.

    • Product search relevance

      Intended to rate how relevant products are to specific search queries.

    • Object recognition & detection

      Used to outline objects on images for training computer vision to detect them.

    • Customer survey

      Designed to collect information for research purposes.

    If you can't find a preset that works for you, choose Blank to set up a project from scratch. To learn how, see the Initial project settings section.

  2. In the General information section, fill in the project name and a brief explanation of what will happen within the project.
  3. In the Task interface section, do the following:
    1. Select Template builder.
    2. Edit the preset task interface to configure the task appearance.
    3. Click Show specifications to see the generated input and output data fields.
    To learn more, see the Template Builder Help.
  4. In the Instructions for performers section, edit the ready-made instructions if needed.
  5. Click Create a project.

Step 2. Configure a task pool

A pool is a set of tasks sent out for completion at the same time. Create and configure the pool as follows:

  1. On the project page, click Create new pool.
  2. Configure the pool parameters:
    • Set a price per task page and overlap. The minimum price is $0.005.
    • Use filters to select Tolokers who will have access to your tasks.
    • Add and configure quality control rules to get more accurate responses. You can use a quality control preset with default settings. In the Quality Control section, click Add a quality control rule and choose a suitable preset.

  3. Click Create pool.

Step 3. Upload a file with tasks

A task is the data you want Tolokers to label. Each image or comment is a separate task.

To upload a file with tasks:

  1. Click Upload data.

  2. Download the template that matches your task type.

    Task types:

    • General — tasks that you don't have answers for, and you want to get responses from Tolokers.
    • Control — tasks that you know the correct answers to. It is used for checking Tolokers.
    • Training — tasks with correct answers and hints. It is used for training Tolokers to complete a task.
  3. Add the tasks data to the template. For a trial pool, 10–100 tasks is enough.
  4. Attach the file with the tasks.

  5. Click Continue.

  6. Choose a way to put tasks into suites: Smart mixing or Set manually. For more information, see Ways to group tasks in suites.

  7. Click Combine tasks into suites.

  8. Click Preview to make sure that your tasks look correctly.

  9. Use control tasks to improve Tolokers' task completion quality.

    Tip. To save time, you can opt for having your control tasks created by Toloka experts.

Step 4. Launch the pool and get the results

  1. Start the pool by clicking Start labeling. This assigns the tasks to the Tolokers.

  2. Complete your tasks as a Toloker by yourself.
  3. Track your project with the real-time statistics on the pool and project pages.
  4. When the tasks are completed, get the results:
    • Download a TSV file with the responses.
    • If you have used overlap, run aggregation to get the final results.
    • Get the files that Tolokers have attached to the tasks.

Next steps

  • When you complete the testing in the Sandbox, move your project to the Toloka production version and launch the pool for real Tolokers.
  • View our tutorials. Perhaps there is an instruction that fits your task, and you will only need to insert your own data.
  • If you don't like Template Builder, try out the HTML/JS/CSS editor.
  • See the Toloka API documentation to learn how to manage your projects via the API.
  • If you have questions or problems, see the Troubleshooting and support section.