Answer questions about tasks. Send out a group message if there are changes in the tasks (for example, the instructions were edited, or skill calculation has changed).


If a question is related to how the platform works in general (like a question about withdrawals), refer the Toloker to the Toloka support service.

Getting and sending messages

To receive and send messages, go to the Messages page.

Recipients can be:

  • Tolokers who completed your tasks or were interested in them.

  • Group of Tolokers (use filters).

  • Selected Tolokers (specify the Toloker IDs separated with space).

If there are changes in the project (for example, you edited the instructions or changed skill calculation), notify all Tolokers who completed your tasks.

  1. Set the skill level for everyone who completed your tasks. The skill should be private.

  2. Go to the Messages page and send notifications to Tolokers with the skill you set. To do this, use filters (Compose → To users group → Add filter).

You can receive copies of incoming messages by email. Go to the Notifications tab in the requester profile and select the option Send copies of messages by email for the New message event.


How can I notify the Toloker of changes in the instructions?
Add the notification to the project description (for example: “Attention! The instructions changed”) and send a message to all the people who completed your tasks. To do this:
  • Assign them a hidden skill, or use an existing skill linked to the pool.
  • Go to Messages and click WriteGroupAdd filterChoose your skill<skill name>.
  • If you created a new skill, specify the value you assigned to the chosen group, (for example, 1). If you use an existing skill, specify the minimum value.