Global skills

This is a special type of skills in Toloka that show the general competencies of performers, such as text processing or selecting objects in images.

  • Use global skills if you want to quickly launch a customizable project and recruit performers who are good at certain types of tasks.
  • Our experiments show that global skills combined with traditional quality control methods increase the correctness and consistency of labeling.
Keep in mind the following:
  • Requesters don't create this type of skills.
  • Global skills are created by the system based on user responses to the projects of the same type.
  • Performer skills are updated daily by the Toloka team.
  • Restrictions of the skill >80 type are used to select “performers who completed similar projects better on average than 80% of other performers”.

To use this feature, select Add a filter → Skills → Choose a global skill and specify the restriction for the selected skill in the added filter.