Creating a file with tasks

Tasks are uploaded to the pool in the tasks file.

Download the file template for your project on the pool page. Use the template to create your own task file and upload it to the pool.

Use sample data
If you want to see what your project will look like after the launch, but you don't have any labeling tasks yet, you can upload ready-made sample data to the pool. Sample data is available for templates:
  • Image classification
  • Product search relevance
  • Object recognition & detection
  • Clickbait or not?

Click Use sample data next to Attach the prepared file with data. This lets you avoid any additional actions with files.

Once you've finished working with the sample data and everything looks good, prepare your data and upload it to the pool.

If you need to add different task types to the pool, upload multiple files, one for each task type.

Tasks file structure

The first line of the file contains the column headers:
  • INPUT:<name of the input data field> — Input data for tasks.

  • GOLDEN:<name of the output data field> — Responses for control tasks.
  • HINT:text — Hints for training tasks. The Toloker will see the hint text at the top of the task (on a red background) if their response to the control task is different from the correct one.

  • Point coordinates for field tasks:
    • Al:latitude — Latitude.

    • Al:longitude — Longitude.

Task type depends on which fields are filled in:

To create a