Project rating

The project rating is the average score for 14 days based on evaluations made by performers in four categories:

  1. The intention to complete similar tasks.
  2. Clarity of instructions.
  3. Convenience of the task interface.
  4. Communication with the requester.

The project rating is available to performers. By default, the list of tasks is sorted by project rating.


How can I increase the project's rating?
The project rating is the average rating across all categories. Pay particular attention to the categories for which you got the least points.
Low rating for “Will you take similar tasks in the future”

Perhaps the performers found your tasks too difficult. Try to simplify them.

Low rating for “Clarity of instructions”

Shorten instructions and rewrite using simpler language. Add pictures and examples.

Low rating for “Task interface usability”

Make the interface more user-friendly and don't make the performer complete unnecessary actions. Use keyboard shortcuts.

Low rating for “Communication with the requester”

Reply to messages from performers regularly. Try to provide feedback as fast as possible. Correct errors promptly and use mailing lists to notify performers of changes.

If you don't understand what the problem is, run a mini-survey and ask the performers who completed your tasks what they like and what they don't like.