“Remember values” parameter

Some quality control rules have the Remember values parameter. It sets the dynamic window equal to N, which the values are recalculated within. Depending on the rule, the dynamic window is measured:

  • In tasks: the Review results and Majority vote rules, the Recent tasks to use field.
  • In control tasks: the Control tasks rule, the Recent control task responses to use field.
  • In task suites: the Fast responses rule, the Recent task suites to use field.
  • In captcha entries: the Captcha rule, the Recent captchas to use field.

The Remember values parameter works the same way for all rules.

How it works

Let's see how this parameter works with the Control tasks rule. Go to the project settings and select this quality control rule.

In our example, the Remember values parameter is set in the Recent control task responses to use field.

Toloka calculates all responses to control tasks only in the pool to which the rule applies.

The Toloker completes several tasks in pool A, where the rule calculates their skill. Then the Toloker goes to pool B with the same rule, where the field is also not filled in. In this case, the skill is calculated for pool B separately. The rule in pool B knows nothing about the Toloker's responses in pool A.