Button with click validation

Note. The task interface configuration guide describes the features of the HTML/JS/CSS editor. You can also try creating a task interface in Template Builder.

If a task requires a performer to click a link (for example, to open a webpage), Toloka can check if the performer did it. The link is displayed in the task as a button.

Variations of button use:

To add the button with the link to the task interface, use the {{field type="button-clicked" name="output field name>"}} component. Example:

{{field type="button-clicked" name="ads" label="Click me" href="https://yandex.ru" action=true}}

For a complete list of parameters, see the table.

Add a field of Boolean type to the output data description. To prevent the user from sending responses without opening the link, add the "allowed_values":[true] parameter.

  "ads": {
    "type": "boolean",
    "required": true,
    "allowed_values": [true]
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