Viewing performers

The Users page shows all performers who opened at least one of your tasks. On this page, you can select performers to:

How to select performers
Note. The list may take several minutes to load. If you see Users not found, try to wait a bit or use filters.
If you know the performer IDs

To select one performer, enter their ID in the search field and click Search.

To select multiple performers:
  1. Create a text file and add the performer IDs in it, for example:
    Copied to clipboard
  2. Click the Upload file button at the bottom left and choose the file.
  3. When the file is uploaded, click Add.

Tip. To view detailed information about a performer, click on their ID.
Show blocked users
By default, blocked users aren't displayed. Click the drop-down list for other options:
  • Project ban — Users you blocked in one of the project pools, for example based on a quality control rule.
  • Requester ban — Users you blocked in all your projects.
  • Blocked in the system — Users blocked in the platform for violating the rules, poor response quality, or frequent errors when entering captcha.
  • All — Show both blocked and not blocked users.
Exclude those who haven't used Toloka for a long time.
Choose Show active users and specify the number of days when the user completed at least one task.
Find those who opened or completed my tasks

In the left part of the window use the Project and Pool fields to select performers who opened tasks in one of your projects or pools.

On the pool statistics page, these performers are listed in the Interested in pool field.

The Completed field shows the number of completed tasks. If the number is 0, it means the user only opened a task but didn't complete it.

Find performers with a skill

To find performers by skill, use filters:

  1. Click Add filter.
  2. Scroll down and choose Choose skill.
  3. Specify the skill and the required skill value.

Filters for selecting performers work the same way as in the pool. Learn more in the Filters section.

You can download the list of the chosen performers. To do this, click Download .xls at the top right.


Can I use a skill beyond a particular pool or project and apply it to other projects as well?

Yes, of course — you can use the same skill for different projects. But most often, a skill is intended for a specific project. If the performer completes a certain task well, this doesn't mean that they will complete other ones successfully. Another disadvantage is that if you filter by skills that were set long ago, you will artificially limit the number of available performers.

More than 500 performers passed the training, but the training skill shows only 30.

The pool shows the total number of performers that completed at least one assignment. A training skill can be lost over time if you set repeated training in the pool settings. This setting allows a performer to pass the training again after a certain period if the performer didn't complete any tasks in associated pools or if there was a large time gap between completing tasks (for example, because of the ban). The training skill displays the performers who either recently completed training, or regularly complete your tasks so that the skill doesn't expire.

How do I view information about performers?

You can view information about performers of your tasks on the Users page. To view information about a performer, select their ID. The requester can access the following data in the performer profile: country and city, age, education, language skills. On the Metainformation tab, you can find the versions of the browser and operating system, the User-agent type, region detected by IP, and other performer parameters. To select the performers for your pool based on their profile, device, geo location, and other parameters, use filters.

Do you verify the information entered by the performer in the profile?

It's the performer's responsibility to provide the information in the profile during registration. We don't request identity documents for registering in Toloka. If a profile seems suspicious to us, we ask the owner to confirm the information.

Do performers know their ID?

No, only the requester can see the performer ID.

Why can I filter performers by gender in the pool settings, if gender isn't shown in the profile?

The requester can't see the full details about specific performers. For example, the requester can't see their date of birth, gender, last name, or first name. However, filters by date of birth and gender are available to the requester in the pool settings. You can use them to select a group of performers without accessing the details about specific performers. This decreases the risk of performer de-anonymization.