You can set up notifications in the profile on the Notifications tab.

Notification types

There are different types of notifications in Toloka:

  • Low funds — notifications that you have less than $5 left on your account. Add funds to your account if you get notification of this type.

  • Commission changed — notifications about the platform fee updates.

  • Pool or aggregation completed — notifications that a pool or aggregation of results has been completed.

  • Account blocked — notifications that your account is blocked.

  • Updates and guidelines — notifications about updates and guidelines.

  • New message — notifications about a new incoming message.

Receiving notifications

You can choose which notification method to use:

  • Browser — push notifications will appear at the bottom of the screen. To enable notifications in the browser, click Turn on in the Browser column.

  • Messages — notifications will be displayed on the Messages page.

  • Email — notifications will be sent to the email specified in your profile.

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