Interim statistics

For your convenience, we put all key statistics on the main pool page. For detailed statistics, see Pool statistics.

Task suitesThe total number of task suites (pages) in the pool.
TasksThe total number of tasks in the pool.
Training tasksThe number of training tasks in the pool.
Control tasksThe number of control tasks in the pool.
Average assignment submit timeThe average time for completing a task suite in the pool. Specified in seconds.

Calculated based on 1000 recently completed task suites.
Approximate finish timeThe anticipated time for finishing tasks, in days and hours. Calculated using the average time per task suite.

Formula: Tleft=Assignleft×TassignT_{left}={Assign_{left}}\times{T_{assign}},


AssignleftAssign_{left} is the number of task suite remaining uncompleted or those completed with insufficient overlap.

TassignT_{assign} is the average time per task suite. Calculated based on the amount of time since the pool opened and the number of task suites completed.

The time is updated as task suites are completed by Tolokers.
Budget spent (+ fee)The amount of money spent in the pool. The fee amount is shown in parentheses.
Approximate budget (+ fee)The amount of money spent and expected costs (if all the tasks are completed and all responses are approved). The fee amount is shown in parentheses.
Active Tolokers with access to poolThe number of Tolokers selected for the pool with filters. The number includes only Tolokers who viewed and completed tasks in Toloka in the recent hour.
Interested in poolThe number of Tolokers who started or completed at least one task suite.

It includes both interested and engaged Tolokers.
Submitted in poolThe number of Tolokers who completed at least one task suite.
Submitted assignments per TolokerThe average number of task suites per Toloker.
Expired task suitesIncludes the pages that Tolokers failed to complete on time or decided to skip. You specify the time allotted for a task suite when setting up a pool.

The task can also get the expired status when the Toloker clicks Exit. In this case, the Toloker can return to the task again, unless it was completed by someone else or the requester deleted it from the pool.
Skipped task suitesThe number of task suites skipped by Tolokers. Includes the pages that the Tolokers decided to skip and moved on to the next tasks.

When the Toloker clicks Skip, the task gets the skipped status. In this case, the Toloker can no longer return to the task.
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Last updated: February 15, 2023

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