How to post tasks

  1. Create a customizable project. In the project, you'll customize the appearance of tasks and write instructions for performers.
  2. Add a task pool. In the pool, you'll set up selection of performers, prices, and quality control.

    You can make several pools, like one with simpler and cheaper tasks and another one with more complex tasks.

  3. Upload tasks to the pool. For example, this could be links to images that need to be labeled.
  4. Top up your account. For a test, $10 is enough.
  5. Start the pool. The pool becomes available to performers and they start completing assignments.

When the assignments are completed, you can analyze the results.

Learn how to post tasks

View one or more tutorials. Perhaps there is a tutorial that fits your task.

If the tutorial is missing something you need, all necessary instructions are provided in Starting and tuning a project.

If you need help rating tasks, read about setting up pricing.

How to improve the quality of results