Text classification

For this type of project, you can use the Clickbait or not? preset.

This preset helps you classify any kind of text for training classifiers and NLP models.

Take a look at the example: the labeling interface includes a text block, and radio buttons for categories. Note that validation, keyboard shortcuts, and task layout are already configured in this Template Builder sample code.

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Components used in the example

You can add media files (audio files, videos, images) from your own server, a cloud storage like Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, or Yandex Cloud.

If this template doesn't meet your needs, see other examples in the Text section.

Add a description

To add a detailed description to the task, use the view.text component.

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Add a response field

To let Tolokers leave comments about the task or their response, add a text field using field.textarea.

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Add a layout

To enhance Toloker's experience, you can highlight different types of data with colors using view.alert. In this example, the description is highlighted with a blue border, and the buttons are highlighted with a yellow one.

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Other options for buttons

Decide whether a Toloker can select only one or multiple answer options:

Multiple options (checkboxes)
One option (a radio button)

If there are several possible answers to the question, use field.checkbox-group checkboxes.

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Add conditions

The helper.if component displays an interface element after a specific response is selected.

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Does the text match the search query

Add a button that opens the search results and generate a search query link using the helper.search-query component. To make sure that a Toloker clicked on the link and checked its contents, configure validation, as in the example.

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Side-by-side text and web page comparison

You can display the web page in the built-in window using the view.iframe component. Place the text next to it using layout.side-by-side.

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Side-by-side text and mobile web page comparison

This is a more complex example that compares the text with the results of a search query. The following components are added:

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Last updated: February 10, 2023

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