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For some Toloka presets, Template builder allows you to edit its template using a visual editor. It might be useful, if you do not know anything about JSON formatting or usage and you do not feel experienced enough for the code editor, and want to start working with Template Builder right away.

Currently, presets with the visual editor include:

When you choose to create a project that supports configuring the task interface through the visual editor, it will be opened by default.

The interface of the visual editor looks like this:

Visual editor interface
  1. Switch between the visual editor and code editor using the buttons in the upper part of Template Builder.

  2. To modify the template, use the Config section:

    • Question performers will see in your task displays the main question that you want Tolokers to answer. It is displayed right below the image.

    • The Paste link to a sample image field contains the link to some web storage where you uploaded your image. Make sure the link is publicly accessible, otherwise Tolokers will not see it.

    • The Set answer options section contains the possible responses to the question which you ask Tolokers. By default, it has a specific number of options (two to five), but you can add or remove as many as you need using the Add answer option button.

    • Enable Add the Other option so that Tolokers can choose Other if none of the answer options fits.

    • Use Error answer for Tolokers to choose Failed to load if they have technical issues (for example, the image or video didn't load).


    The fields in the Config section can differ depending on the template parameters. Follow the links in the list above to view the presets which support the visual editor and their available configuration settings.

  3. After you enter all the values, choose one of the options in Preview and click Submit to try and send the task data.

  4. You will see the result in the Submitted data panel. Click Reset to clear the sent data and start anew.

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Last updated: February 9, 2023

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