Customization examples

This section contains various examples of field template customizations. You can use them to add additional elements to the interface for interacting with Tolokers.

  • Add a button: Use this example if you want to add a new response option button.

  • Attaching files: These code snippets help you add blocks for attaching images, audio, and video files. Use them if you need to get more information from the Toloker in different formats.

  • Add fields with descriptions: Use this example to add additional text fields to the input specification. You can use text fields to provide more information about the object, describe additional landmarks, or add restrictions.

  • Add an image: In standard templates, images with examples are provided through links, but they can be displayed directly in the response template. This is particularly useful for small images, such as price tag photos.

  • Add a text field: Use this example to add a text field for open-ended responses.

  • Add response options: Examples of input data fields where the Toloker selects one or more responses from a limited set of options. This section contains code snippets for checkboxes, radio buttons, and drop-down lists.

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Last updated: February 14, 2023

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