To run a research, use one of the Toloka survey solutions:

  • Survey with Toloka template

    • For short and simple surveys.
    • To pre-select Tolokers for the second stage of your survey when the general audience settings in Toloka are not enough to filter respondents you need.
  • Survey on third-party platform

    • For long and complicated surveys.
    • If you are already conducting the survey using other channels to reach out to respondents, and would like to aggregate all the results in one place.
    • If you are used to another platform, and want to continue creating your new surveys there.
  • Survey based on Qualtrics

    • If you have a Qualtrics survey approved by an institutional review board (IRB), and you want Toloka to set up your project and accept Tolokers' responses automatically.

The comparison of the solutions is provided in the table below:

Survey on Toloka templateSurvey on third-party platformSurvey based on Qualtrics
The project interfacePreconfigured and adaptablePreconfigured and adaptableNot adaptable
The pool setupManual or with cloning the demo poolManual or with creating a preconfigured pool from presetFully automatic
Acceptance of responsesManual or automaticManual or automaticAutomatic, based on completion codes
Required embedding of a completion codenonoyes
Location of a survey formTolokaAny external platformQualtrics only
Various filters to select respondentsyesyesCountry, gender, and age only
Number of countries to select respondentsover 80over 8080

Last updated: February 14, 2023

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