Toloka documentation

Change the task suite overlap


We recommend that you use the domain for API requests. The domain is still supported but it will be deprecated soon.

Changes the task suite overlap.

You can specify a numeric value or set infinite overlap to assign the task suite to all Tolokers (this is useful for training tasks).


Authorization: OAuth <OAuth token>
Content-Type: application/JSON

Authorization: OAuth <OAuth token>
Content-Type: application/JSON

Path parameters

Parameter Overview
task_suite_id ID of a task suite.


Title Overview
Authorization A token for account authorization. Add OAuth as a prefix.
Content-Type Specifies the data format in the request body.

Query parameters

Specified in the link after the question mark; separated by &.

Parameter Overview
open_pool boolean

Open the pool immediately after the operation is completed, if the pool is closed. The default value is false.

Request body

Numeric overlap value

  "overlap": <new overlap value>,
  "infinite_overlap": false

Infinite overlap

  "overlap": null,
  "infinite_overlap": true




integer | required if

Required if the parameter is not used when creating a task suite allow_defaults=true, and the overlap is not specified in the pool parameters (in the defaults.​default_​overlap_for_​new_task_suites) key).

Task suite overlap.


boolean | required

Assigning a task suite with infinite overlap. This option is used, for instance, for suites of training tasks when you want to assign them to all Tolokers:

  • true — Use infinite overlap.
  • false — Use the overlap that is set for the task suite or pool.


Contains a task suite in JSON format.