Toloka documentation

Change the task suite overlap

Changes the task suite overlap.

You can specify a numeric value or set infinite overlap to assign the task suite to all Tolokers (this is useful for training tasks).


Authorization: OAuth <OAuth token>
Content-Type: application/JSON

Authorization: OAuth <OAuth token>
Content-Type: application/JSON

Path parameters

Parameter Overview
task_suite_id ID of a task suite.


Title Overview
Authorization A token for account authorization. Add OAuth as a prefix.
Content-Type Specifies the data format in the request body.

Query parameters

Specified in the link after the question mark; separated by &.

Parameter Overview
open_pool boolean

Open the pool immediately after the operation is completed, if the pool is closed. The default value is false.

Request body

Numeric overlap value

  "overlap": <new overlap value>,
  "infinite_overlap": false

Infinite overlap

  "overlap": null,
  "infinite_overlap": true




integer | required if

Required if the parameter is not used when creating a task suite allow_defaults=true, and the overlap is not specified in the pool parameters (in the defaults.​default_​overlap_for_​new_task_suites) key).

Task suite overlap.


boolean | required

Assigning a task suite with infinite overlap. This option is used, for instance, for suites of training tasks when you want to assign them to all Tolokers:

  • true — Use infinite overlap.
  • false — Use the overlap that is set for the task suite or pool.


Contains a task suite in JSON format.