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A task suite is a set of tasks grouped on a single web page. If the tasks are simple, you can add 10-20 tasks per suite. Don't make task suites too long because it slows down the loading speed for Tolokers.

To create a task suite, upload JSON containing:

  • Input data for tasks (such as text or image URLs).
  • Correct responses (for control tasks).
  • Hints (for training tasks).
  • Parameters for assigning tasks.


Method Endpoint Overview
POST /task-suites Creates one or multiple task suites.
POST /task-suites Creates multiple task suites.
GET /task-suites Gets the list of task suites in the pool.
GET /task-suites/<task_suite_id> Gets a task suite.
PATCH /task-suites/<task_suite_id> Changes task suite overlap.
PATCH /task-suites/<task_suite_id> Changes the priority of a task suite in the pool.
PATCH /task-suites/<task_suite_id>/set-overlap-or-min Stops assigning a task suite to Tolokers.
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