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A training pool includes unpaid task suites. The training pool must be linked to the main pool.

After completing the training pool, the Toloker is assigned a skill equal to the percentage of correct responses. If the percentage is higher than or equal to the Level required value in the linked pool, the Toloker gets access to the main pool.


Method Endpoint Overview
POST /trainings Creates a training pool (training).
PUT /trainings/<training_pool_id> Makes changes to a training pool.
POST /trainings/<training_pool_id>/open Opens a training pool.
POST /trainings/<training_pool_id>/close Closes a training pool.
POST /training/<training_pool_id>/archive Moves a training pool to the archive.
POST /training/<training_pool_id>/clone Creates a duplicate training pool.
GET /trainings Gets the list of created training pools (including archived pools).
GET /trainings/<training_pool_id> Gets the properties of a training pool.
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