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Before you start

To register, you need a Yandex ID with a linked and confirmed phone number. If you don't have a Yandex ID, sign up for one.


  • If you're already registered as a Toloker, you'll need another Yandex ID.

  • You can only register one requester account and one Toloker account per phone number in each version of Toloka.

Where should I register?

There are two versions of Toloka. You need to register separately in each of them:


  • To avoid confusion, use the same Yandex ID to register as a requester both in the production version and sandbox.

  • We recommend setting up notifications immediately after registration. To do this, go to Profile and then Notifications.

  • Use shared access if:

    • You want to be able to quickly switch from the Toloker account to the requester account.

    • You are planning to share projects with coworkers.

    • You need help setting up the project.

What's next

See also


I can't complete registration as an “individual requester”. I'm not getting an SMS code.
  1. Check the number you entered. You might have mistyped it.

  2. Check the number in Yandex ID. It must be set as your main number. If a different number is specified in Yandex ID, an SMS code will be sent to that number.

You can also use the recommendations in Yandex ID Help. If this doesn't help, contact support.

The phone number belongs to another user

If you see this warning, make sure you entered the phone number correctly.

Please note that you can only have one requester account per phone number (see the User Agreement).

If your Yandex ID is linked to the wrong number, change it. For more information about linking a phone number, see Yandex ID Help.

If you don't remember your credentials in Toloka, use Restoring access.

If you deleted your Toloka account, create a new Yandex ID and register in Toloka.

How do I change the phone number in my account?

To change your phone number, go to Yandex ID and change your main number.


If you don't have access to the old number, it takes a month to replace it. For more information about changing the phone number, see Yandex ID Help.

How do I change my account type from “Requester” to “Toloker”?

You can't change the account type from “Requester” to “Toloker”.

If you want to complete tasks, you need to register in Toloka once again, with a different username, but as a Toloker.

To create a Toloker account:

  1. Log out of your requester account.

  2. Go to the Toloka home page.

  3. Click Join.

  4. Follow the system instructions.


You can use the same phone number to create a new account. For a step-by-step description of the registration process, see Registration and login.

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