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Where to store files

If your task requires images, audio, or video files, you can upload them:

Uploading media files directly

Upload media files from your device to avoid difficulties with placing links in the file with tasks.

When you're uploading tasks to the pool, click Select media files and choose files.


  • This option is available only for the projects that have a single URL type input field in the specification.

  • After uploading, tasks are automatically created with links to the uploaded files.


Supported file formats:

  • Images — GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, WebP.
  • Audio — FLAC, MP3, WAV, M4A.
  • Video — MP4.

Photo hosting

Some photo hosting services are free and don't require registration. This way you can quickly and easily upload your files and get links to them. But they have limitations. We recommend that you read the terms of use before using photo hosting services.


The information about the terms is provided here for informational purposes.

The terms may be changed by the service unilaterally. You can view changes on the photo hosting website.

Toloka is not responsible for such changes or for placing them in this section within a certain timeframe.

Terms of use

Photo hosting Maximum image size Registration Trial period
imgbb 32 MB No
imgur 20 MB Yes 2 MB No
postimages 24 MB No
ImageShack 25 MB Yes 30 days

How to upload an image to photo hosting

For example, imgbb:

  1. Go to the photo hosting website.

  2. Click Start uploading.

  3. Select files from your device. Before uploading, you can change the image size and add a title or description.

  4. Click Upload.

  5. In Embed codes choose HTML full linked.

  6. Copy the link, which is indicated in quotation marks after src= (for example,, and add it to the file with tasks.

Cloud storage

In Object Storage terms, files and folders are objects. All objects are stored in buckets. A bucket is a logical entity that helps organize object storage.

Cloud storage enables users to store large amounts of data. You need to pay to use it. To try out a service, use a free trial.


The information about the terms is provided for informational purposes.

The terms of use and rates may be changed unilaterally by the service. You can view changes on the cloud storage website.

Toloka is not responsible for such changes or for placing them in this section within a certain timeframe.

Trial terms

Storage type Trial length Free storage size Grant amount Additional information.
Amazon S3 12 months 5 GB Free access level
Azure Blob Storage 12 months 5 GB $200 within 30 days Free account
Google Cloud Storage 90 days 5 GB $300 Trial period
Yandex Object Storage 60 days 5 TB $50 Trial period

Creating a file with tasks

To use a file in the task interface, you should have a field of URL type in your project's input data. You'll need the name of this field later when creating a file.

In the file with the tasks, paste the links into the column that matches the input data field to which this data is passed.

For example, if you want to use images in the image field, specify the file links in the INPUT:image column:


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