Toloka documentation

Submission rate

    This indicator shows the percentage of successfully submitted tasks and helps identify issues related to incorrect settings:

    • The indicator does not show any value. Perhaps the set criteria for selecting Tolokers are too strict and your tasks are not available to them.

    • A low percentage of submitted tasks indicates problems with the settings of individual fields.

    • The percentage of submitting tasks is zero. In this case, check whether the field names specified in the task interface are correct.

    How to calculate

    Psubm=Tsubm+Taccept+TrejectTsubm+Taccept+Treject+Texpire+Tskip×100P_{subm} = \frac{T_{subm}+T_{accept}+T_{reject}}{T_{subm}+T_{accept}+T_{reject}+T_{expire}+T_{skip}}\times100


    • PsubmP_{subm} is the percentage of submitted tasks.

    • TsubmT_{subm} is the number of submitted tasks.

    • TacceptT_{accept} is the number of accepted tasks.

    • TrejectT_{reject} is the number of rejected tasks.

    • TexpireT_{expire} is the number of tasks that were not submitted within the allowed time.

    • TskipT_{skip} is the number of skipped tasks.

    How to estimate

    • A good indicator is > 90%.

    • A low indicator is < 90%.