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Tips for designing tasks

This section includes links to sections of the guide and blog posts with tips and recommendations for creating tasks.

Where to create tasks

To make it easier and faster to launch projects in Toloka, we developed a new tool — Template Builder. It's a user-friendly JSON interface editor. You can also use the HTML/JS/CSS editor.

Read in the blog:

You can also read the Template Builder Help.

How to create tasks


Tolokers do better with short, uniform tasks. Use decomposition to simplify a task. This will help lower costs and improve the quality of the results.

Learn more about the benefits of decomposition and when to use it in Task decomposition.

To learn how to use decomposition correctly, see Object recognition and area selection.

You can also read Mistakes related to project architecture.

Task interface

A clear and user-friendly interface improves the quality of results, helps Tolokers complete tasks faster, and lets you set a lower price per task.

Read about how to create a good interface in our blog Guidelines for Effective Interfaces.

Also see the following sections:

Uploading tasks

If your tasks are not displayed or are displayed incorrectly, Tolokers are unable to complete them, and you lose time and money.

You can also read Mistakes related to uploading tasks.

How to get good responses

Quality control rules

Quality control rules allow you to get more accurate responses and restrict access to tasks for cheating users.

Read the following sections:


Properly configured filters help you filter out Tolokers and send tasks to a target group of Tolokers. As a result, you'll get your results faster and spend less money.

You can also read Mistakes in quality control settings.