Toloka documentation

Questions and answers

How to view your expenses

  1. Open the project page.

  2. Go to the Statistics tab.

  3. Go to Budget, find the Average task price and Earnings per hour charts.

    This data will help you understand the current cost of your tasks.

Similar statistics are available for each pool if you need more detail.

Learn more about project and pool statistics.

How do I change the task price?

The task price is set up in the pool. Open the pool editing page if the pool is already running and find the Price section.

The price is set up for a task suite. If the suite contains 10 tasks, the price in that section is set for labeling the entire suite.

Please note that the minimum price per task suite is $0.005. Therefore, if you want to change the task price, you need to change the number of tasks per suite.

Learn more about the task price.

If you need help setting up pricing for your project, contact us.