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Adding funds to your account

When I top up my account, I see an amount 1000 times greater than I planned. What happened?

That's normal. For example, if you entered $25 and you see "25,000", it's still $25 with a decimal delimiter. Your account will be topped up by $25 at the current exchange rate. You'll see the amount in rubles when you proceed to payment.

How long does paying the invoice take?

If you pay using a bank card, the money is usually transferred to your Toloka account within a few minutes. If you can't see the top-up amount on your account, write to us and we'll sort it out. Specify your requester username and account number and use Account top-up as your email subject.

How do I find out the currency exchange rate that would apply to my account top-up in Toloka?

You specify the top-up amount in USD. On the Balance, it's converted into rubles, including VAT. Learn more about top-up.

How do I add money to Toloka?

You can top up your Toloka account using a bank card or bank transfer. On the Profile page, click "Connect to billing", fill out the form, and you'll see the "Top up account" button. Learn more with step-by-step instructions.

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Payment for tasks

Where can I set the task price?

You can set a price for your task suite on the pool editing page. The minimum price is $0.005.

How do I set up a budget for my first task in Toloka?

Here's the general rule of pricing: the more time is needed to complete the task, the higher the price is.

If the task is simple, like if the Toloker spends a few seconds to assess product relevance, then set the price to $0.01–$0.02 for 10 tasks (products) on the page.

If you register in Toloka as a Toloker, you can compare offers from other requesters.

Define the page price, multiply it by the overlap (it's usually 3–5 for a classification task) and add 20% VAT. Try topping up your account by $10 first, then continue topping it up based on the performance dynamics.

How do I pay more to users who fill out optional fields?

You can issue rewards after completion and describe the criteria for increased rewards in your task instructions. You can't change the task suite price dynamically based on the completion results.

Where do I find the statistics on the awards I paid?

Track your money debited for rewards in ProfileSpent tab.

Can there be tasks with different prices in the pool?

No. The price per task suite is the same for all tasks in the pool. You can create multiple pools with different prices or change the price depending on the Toloker skill using Dynamic pricing. You can pay rewards to good Tolokers.

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