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Audio transcription

For this type of project, you can use the Transcribing audio recordings preset. It has pre-configured validation, task layout, and shortcuts.

Components used in the example


You can add media files (audio files, videos, images) from your own server, Yandex Disk, or a cloud storage like Yandex Cloud, Google Cloud, or Amazon AWS.

What else can be configured

If this preset doesn't meet your needs, see other examples in this section.

Other options for buttons

Choose whether a Toloker can select only one or multiple answer options:

Use the field.checkbox-group component.

Use the component.

Add pre-recognized text

You can add text from input data to audio transcription tasks. For example, this is useful if an audio recording was recognized automatically, and now you need Tolokers to correct errors in the text. To do this, use the view.text component and refer to the number of the element in the input data array in the content property.

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