Toloka documentation

Terms and definitions

    Batch for labeling
    A batch of data that you send for labeling at a time. The batch consists of task items.
    Bespoke project
    A bespoke project is based on a ready-made solution with the parameters that you specified. The interface and quality controls are pre-configured, decomposition is already done, and everything is ready to use: all you need is to upload task items to batches and send them for labeling.
    Bespoke solution
    A bespoke solution is an example of a standard task that you can solve using Toloka. Unlike self-service project templates, you don't have to set up everything yourself.
    Task item
    A task item is a labeling unit — in other words, data uploaded to a batch. The batch consists of task items, and the project consists of batches.
    TSV file
    TSV (tab-separated values) is a text file format, in which data is separated by a tab, and lines are separated by a newline symbol.