Toloka documentation

Quick start

To start with Toloka-Kit:

  1. Install the Toloka-Kit package:

    $ pip install toloka-kit
    $ pip install pandas
  2. Check access to the API with the following Python script.

    import toloka.client as toloka
    target = 'SANDBOX'      # Send requests to the Sandbox
    # target = 'PRODUCTION' # Uncomment to send requests to the production version
    toloka_client = toloka.TolokaClient(input("Enter your token:"), target)

    The script:

    • Imports the package.
    • Asks to enter the OAuth token.
    • Requests general information about your account.

    The response to the above request should look like this:

    Requester(_unexpected={}, id='6c6c50dce62ca4aef87dfcbc6e9de162', balance=Decimal('1.0000'), public_name={'EN': 'John Smith'}, company=None)

Next steps