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Starts aggregation of solutions to a single task

The method only starts the aggregation and returns the operation for further tracking.

Parameters Description

Parameters Type Description
task_id Optional[str]

Answers for which task to aggregate.

pool_id Optional[str]

In which pool this task.

answer_weight_skill_id Optional[str]

A skill that determines the weight of the performer's response.

fields Optional[List[WeightedDynamicOverlapTaskAggregatedSolutionRequest.Field]]

Output data fields to use for aggregating responses. For best results, each of these fields must have a limited number of response options.

  • Returns:

    Result of aggregation. Also contains input parameters and result confidence.

  • Return type:



How to aggregate solutions to a task.

aggregation_operation = toloka_client.aggregate_solutions_by_task(
        pool_id=some_existing_pool_id,   # Task in this pool
        task_id=some_existing_task_id,   # Aggregate on this task
        answer_weight_skill_id=some_skill_id,   # Aggregate by this skill
        fields=[toloka.aggregation.PoolAggregatedSolutionRequest.Field(name='result')]  # Aggregate this field