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toloka.client.TolokaClient.clone_project | Source code

    project_id: str,
    reuse_controllers: bool = True

Synchronously clones the project, all pools and trainings

Emulates cloning behavior via Toloka interface:

  • the same skills will be used
  • the same quality control collectors will be used (could be changed by reuse_controllers=False)
  • the expiration date will not be changed in the new project
  • etc.

Doesn't have transaction - can clone project, and then raise on cloning pool. Doesn't copy tasks/golden tasks/training tasks.

Parameters Description

Parameters Type Description
project_id str

ID of the project to be cloned.

reuse_controllers bool

Use same quality controllers in cloned and created projects. Defaults to True. This means that all quality control rules will be applied to both projects. For example, if you have rule "fast_submitted_count", fast responses counts across both projects.

  • Returns:

    All created objects project, pools and trainings.

  • Return type:



project, pools, trainings = toloka_client.clone_project('123')
# add tasks in pools and trainings