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toloka.client.TolokaClient.create_skill | Source code

Creates a new Skill

You can send a maximum of 10 requests of this kind per minute and 100 requests per day.

Parameters Description

Parameters Type Description
name Optional[str]

Skill name.

private_comment Optional[str]

Comments on the skill (only visible to the requester).

hidden Optional[bool]

Access to information about the skill (the name and value) for Tolokers:

  • True - Closed. Default behavior.
  • False - Opened.
skill_ttl_hours Optional[int]

The skill's "time to live" after the last update (in hours). The skill is removed from the Toloker's profile if the skill level hasn't been updated for the specified length of time.

training Optional[bool]

Whether the skill is related to a training pool:

  • True - The skill level is calculated from training pool tasks.
  • False - The skill isn't related to a training pool.
public_name Optional[Dict[str, str]]

Skill name for other Tolokers. You can provide a name in several languages (the message will come in the Toloker's language).

public_requester_description Optional[Dict[str, str]]

Skill description text for other Tolokers. You can provide text in several languages (the message will come in the Toloker's language).

owner Optional[Owner]

Skill owner.

id -

Skill ID. Read only field.

created -

The UTC date and time when the skill was created. Read only field.

  • Returns:

    Created skill. With read-only fields.

  • Return type:



How to create a new skill.

new_skill = toloka_client.create_skill(
    name='Area selection of road signs',
        'EN': 'Tolokers annotate road signs',
        'FR': "Les Tolokers annotent les signaux routier",