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toloka.client.TolokaClient.create_task | Source code

Creates a new task in Toloka.

You can send a maximum of 100,000 requests of this kind per minute and a maximum of 2,000,000 requests per day. To create several tasks at once use create_tasks.

Parameters Description

Parameters Type Description
task Task

Task to be created.

allow_defaults Optional[bool]

Active overlap setting:

  • True — Use the overlap that is set in the defaults.default_overlap_for_new_task_suites pool parameter.
  • False — Use the overlap that is set in the task parameters (in the overlap field).
open_pool Optional[bool]

Open the pool immediately after creating a task suite, if the pool is closed.

  • Returns:

    The created task.

  • Return type:



task = toloka.task.Task(
    input_values={'image': ''},
toloka_client.create_task(task=task, allow_defaults=True)