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toloka.client.TolokaClient.create_task_suites | Source code

Creates many task suites in pools

Generally, you don't need to create a task set yourself, because you can create tasks and Toloka will create task suites for you. Use this method only then you need to group specific tasks in one suite or to set a different parameters on different tasks suites. By default uses asynchronous operation inside. It's better not to set "async_mode=False", if you not understand clearly why you need it. Task suites can be from different pools. You can insert both regular tasks and golden-tasks. You can send a maximum of 100,000 requests of this kind per minute and 2,000,000 requests per day. Recommended maximum of 10,000 task suites per request if async_mode is True.

Parameters Description

Parameters Type Description
task_suites List[TaskSuite]

List of task suites, that will be created.

operation_id Optional[UUID]

Operation ID for asynchronous loading of task suites.

skip_invalid_items Optional[bool]

Validation parameters:

  • True - Create the task suites that passed validation. Skip the rest of the task suites.
  • False - If at least one of the task suites didn't pass validation, stop the operation and don't create the task suites.
allow_defaults Optional[bool]

Overlap settings:

  • True - Use the overlap that is set in the pool parameters.
  • False - Use the overlap that is set in the task suite parameters (in the overlap field).
open_pool Optional[bool]

Open the pool immediately after creating a task suite, if the pool is closed.

async_mode Optional[bool]

How the request is processed:

  • True — deferred. The query results in an asynchronous operation running in the background. Answer contains information about the operation (start and end time, status, number of sets).
  • False — synchronous. Answer contains information about the generated sets of tasks. You can send a maximum of 5000 task sets in a single request.
  • Returns:

    Result of task suites creating. Contains created task suites in items and problems in "validation_errors".

  • Return type:



task_suites = [
                'input1': some_input_value,
                'input2': some_input_value
task_suites = toloka_client.create_task_suites(task_suites)